KOFF offers its network roundtables on priority regions and topics. As a strategic instrument in long term peacebuilding processes, KOFF roundtables bring together representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as private sector and academia, to  share experiences and foster synergies and common approaches. KOFF also supports its member organizations in organizing roundtables.

After some of the roundtable events, KOFF produces Critical Reflections that go beyond a mere summary of the discussions in order to encourage further debate and make peacebuilding activities more visible to the wider public.

Upcoming Roundtables

23 march 2017
KOFF Roundtable on "Peace agreement in Colombia: What can we learn from Guatemala?"
This roundtable aims to analyze the implementation of the Colombian peace agreement in the light of experiences from the Guatemalan context. Further information and registration by 10 March 2017.