Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides strategic orientation to KOFF.  It is aimed at improving member organizations’ representativeness and their access to decision-making. The Board is composed of 13 NGOs' representatives, a member of swisspeace directorate, one representative of the Human Security Division of the FDFA and one representative of the Swiss Agency for Development.

The Board members

Christophe Barbey, APRED
Christophe works as a legal advisor and an independent researcher. He has been coordinator of APRED since its foundation in 2001. APRED gathers people who empower themselves to live in peace, building long term peace policies and infrastructures. As an advisory board member, he aims at strengthening the core functions of the KOFF platform (roundtables, KOFF magazine, public relations, etc.)

Katharina Thurnheer, Caritas Switzerland
Katharina currently works as a Senior Advisor on conflict sensitivity, gender and migration at Caritas Switzerland. She has 15 years of experience in the field of conflict sensitivity in development work, with extensive knowledge on fragility and resilience, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, governance, human rights, and gender. As a KOFF advisory board member, she aims at strengthening the platform function and to promote knowledge transfer, coordination and common activities related to human rights, fragile contexts, gender and conflict sensitivity.

Béatrice Faidutti Lueber, Eirene Suisse
Béatrice currently works at Eirene Suisse as a program officer for Central America and head of communications. She has been a member of the KOFF Steering committee (former Advisory Board) for the past four years, representing the small NGOs of the platform. As an advisory board member, she aims at fostering decentralized activities and promoting the general public's awareness and understanding of peacebuilding in Switzerland.

Sacha Meuter, Fondation Hirondelle
Sacha currently works at the Fondation Hirondelle as a research coordinator and legal advisor. He is specialized in issues related to the role of media and UN missions in peace processes. As an advisory board member, he is promoting the dialog between civil society (both Swiss German and French Swiss) and state institutions. He also aims at favoring a better understanding of the role that media can play in conflict contexts and in shaping the general public on peace policy.

Ruedi Tobler, Friedensrat
Ruedi has been actively engaged in the peace and human rights movement for more than 50 years. He is currently president of the Swiss Peace Council and has been in the KOFF Steering Committee since 2010, representing the NGOs working in peace policy in Switzerland. As an advisory board member, he aims at promoting the role of KOFF as a link between peacebuilding NGOs and state institutions and strengthening the relevance of peace work in Switzerland.

Una Hombrecher, HEKS/EPER
Information coming soon.

Regula Gattiker, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

Regula has 15 years of working experience in development cooperation and peacebuilding. She has been acting as a practitioner, trainer, analyst and consultant, with a special focus on conflict sensitivity and conflict transformation, as well as in the field of peace education, culture and human rights. She currently works as a peace and conflict transformation advisor at HELVETAS. As an advisory board member, she aims at strengthening the core functions of the KOFF platform, using KOFF as a platform to discuss new topics and shaping Swiss peace policy.

Dieter von Blarer,
Dieter has more than 30 years of professional experience in human rights, governance and rule of law on various levels (municipalities, regional and national administration in Switzerland and abroad: Kosovo, Central Asia, Ukraine, Iraq and Egypt and from different perspectives: in official positions, as legal representative of municipalities or individuals and as project manager. As an advisory board member, he aims at strengthening the coherence between peace and human rights policy and the cooperation between NGOs and state institutions working in peacebuilding.

Peter Aeberhard, IFOR-MIR CH
Peter has been working in peacebuilding for more than 20 years. He currently is director of the Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition and vice-president of the Swiss branch of IFOR. As an advisory member of the board, he aims at promoting peacebuilding activities in Switzerland and strengthening the cooperation between peacebuilding organizations in Switzerland.

Lucas Beck, LIPS
Lucas holds an interdisciplinary PhD degree combining International Relations and Hydrology. He currently works as a project manager in Zahle, Lebanon, for the SDC project in supporting Bekaa Water Establishment. He is also a board member of the Lucerne Initiative for Peace and Security – LIPS. As a KOFF advisory board member, he aims at ensuring small KOFF member organizations their voice in the decision-making process and further developing the cooperation between policy and practice.

Katharina Gfeller, Mission 21
Katharina has been working in peacebuilding and development cooperation for more than 13 years. She currently works as a program officer and team leader for Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong-Kong-China at Mission 21. She is also the person responsible for peacebuilding within the organization. As an advisory board member, she aims at strengthening communication and exchange between KOFF members, promoting knowledge transfer and common learning processes, as well as influencing policy debates and processes.

Sibylle Ganz, Peace Brigades International Switzerland

After teaching and taking formal training in intercultural communication, Sibylle founded her company, TripleT trainingthetrainers. She specializes in all intercultural aspects of education and work with various organizations as well as with individuals, either as a trainer of trainers or in adapting teaching and training materials for diverse intercultural contexts. Translating texts (German-English/English-German) like the Alternative Report on Women-Peace-Security UNSCR 1325 is also part of her work. Sibylle has been a member of the National Committee of PBI Switzerland since 2011. As a KOFF advisory board member, she aims at strengthening KOFF’s position as a voice for all peacebuilding organizations. She shares her seat with Marianne Widmer from peace watch.

Marianne Widmer, Peace Watch Switzerland
Marianne has been director of Peace Watch Switzerland since 2009. After graduating from the Zurich Institute of Translation and Interpreting, she completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Development and Cooperation at NADEL. She then worked for several NGOs including cfd, Helvetas and mediCuba-Suisse. As an advisory board member, she aims at strengthening the strategic function of KOFF and the exchange of knowledge and experience among all KOFF members. She shares her seat with PBI's representative.

Flurina Derungs, PeaceWomen Across the Globe
Flurina Derungs has been the Director of PeaceWomen Across the Globe (PWAG) since beginning of 2017. She has a degree in Social Work & Social Policy and extensive experience in engaging for women’s rights and gender equality at the international and national level. She worked in development cooperation in the area of violence against women in East Africa, as a regional gender equality delegate and at Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Bern. As an advisory board member, Flurina aims to strengthen the gender perspective in peacebuilding. She shares her seat with the representative of cfd.

Carmen Meyer, cfd (the feminist peace organisation)
Carmen is cfd's executive director since 2013. After a degree in special needs education, she has trained as a medical doctor and specialised in pediatrics and tropical medecine. In the last twenty years she has been working as an MD and program coordinator  for various international organisations, mostly in Western and Eastern Africa. As an advisory board member, her aim is to strengthen the platform function of KOFF and to ensure that gender issues, women’s and children’s rights, continue to be an important focus in peacebuilding. She shares her seat with PWAG’s representative.

Matthias Boss, swisspeace

Matthias holds a MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of London, and a postgraduate Diploma in Development Cooperation from the Federal Institute of Technology. Before joining swisspeace, Matthias worked as a senior consultant and partner at KEK-CDC Consultants, where his focus was on organizational development, program design and evaluation. Matthias joined the directorate of swisspeace in June 2014.

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