Upcoming Events / News

1 July 2016
New: à propos Magazine
The KOFF Newsletter is now published in an entirely new format: à propos, the KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine. Read the issue online and give us your feedback.

September 2016
KOFF Advisory Board
The KOFF Advisory Board is to replace the Steering Committee from September 2016. It is aimed, amongst other things, at improving member organizations’ representativeness and their access to decision-making.  Further information in German and French.

Upcoming Roundtables

26 october 2016
KOFF Roundtable on South Sudan
More information and invitation coming soon.

27 October 2016
KOFF Roundtable on Colombia
KOFF is organizing a roundtable on the role of civil society in the colombian peace process. Further information.

3 November 2016
Roundtable on Art and Peacebuilding
KOFF and artasfoundation are organizing a roundtable on Art and Peacebuilding. With the participation of the dancer, dance teacher and dramaturge Meret Schleger, Vesna Matkovic (International Alert) and Dagmar Reichert (artasfoundation). Further information.